About Me

A Little About Me....

I am a blogger that loves my family and my life. I enjoying trying new things and new experiences. I am proud to be married to an amazing Soldier who has spent his career serving our country, proud to raise our 4 beautiful children and play server for 5 pretty awesome fur babies.

I love being a Product Reviewer. I love reviewing products and showing my viewers how it really looks when you try them. My ham bone Cameron loves to join me in all the reviews too. 

I love working a jewelry shop called A Witches Garden. I take dried plants, stones and herbs and creating pretty jewelry that I love to vend at local events.

I love photography. I have a passion for animal and landscape photos. I love working with people and their fur babies to capture wonderful memories.

 I also love working on me and getting fit so I can be around as long as possible for my kids. I have been obese all my life and battle a food addiction. I am continuing to transform my Lifestyle to make it as long as possible.  
Thank you again for visiting my blog page of all the things I love..

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