Day 2 of my musing, or lack of one....

So, today I think I tried to hard to think of something random.
It is almost as if my brain said it does not want to be posted on Facebook along with every other meme, dick and hairy on here.

But, I am planning a birthday party. 

So, I can vent on here about how I am being my overly nervous self again. Worrying if we bought enough food, is he going to like the presents we bought or are there allergies. 

Then I let my self go into a weird area of worry. I have 4 moms coming to the party and I am scared they wont like each other, or they will stop liking me, or that I will come on too strong, like usual. I am worse than someone going on a blind date when I meet new people. They are literately the only thing I have resembling friends currently out here (except for my friend Ashley. 
Being a Military wife is really hard during times like this. 

I miss having my middle sister living in the apartment above me so I can go hang out after work. I miss being able to spontaneously have lunch with my dad who lives the the city attached to mine and not 12 hours away, I miss just hanging out with my friends and getting to go do things with them. It is hard trying to find new friends when you are old.... and have kids.....
I know I am missing a lot back home. I am reminded of this a lot. But, its ok, tomorrow I get to play hostess for a birthday party, try to enjoy a day of just relaxing and yelling at kids to stop eating what ever nasty thing they think is cool to eat, case they wanted a snack and carve up a Peppa Pig cake... (I still have no idea what or who that even is......)

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