Day 1... The Perfect Cup of Coffee

Weird Musing of the day.. I think I am going to start trying to do a musing of the day, see if it goes viral and we really get to see those inside thoughts that we don't talk about. I personally love the shower musings, but I am not functional enough in a hot shower to remember what ever it was I thinking about to post. So these are just as they come up. This literally just happened (only reason I can remember enough to post it)

Also, with facebooks new "Let look back on your memories" things, it would be nice to see more than just "3 years ago: status update about doing dishes again then, 6 years ago: status updated about how my ex is an a hole.. So, I needed a bit more on there.
So, weird musing Day 1: I randomly caught myself realizing something about me this morning, a kind of "huh" thought if you will.
I have learned that my most perfect cup of coffee is left over coffee. Straight up reheated coffee.. Let me explain.

When Lance and I moved in together, I noticed that Lance was really not a big coffee drinker, I, however, have always loved a good cup of coffee especially in the morning. I started making it a lot and he started drinking it more. He had decided soon after that he didn't like the darker roast, he liked the lighter blends and started drinking with me as often as I had. (This is really all going through my head as I am making said cup of coffee, it takes two minutes to heat so a lot happens then), so we started buying a medium roast that we both thought was a good compromise. Though I still love a good dark roast, but its one of many of the marriage compromises that you end up doing.
I then noticed as I stirred in way too much creamer again, that this was the rare cup. The one cup I get every so often that has been sitting out over night getting stronger because it was unfinished from yesterday because we were too busy to both have our usual two cups. So it left one cup left, a perfect amount in my Leo large cup. I smiled at this thought as I patiently waited for the last bit of creamer to finally sink in the coffee.
As the last bit of the pretty, light colored hazelnut creamer finally dissolved in my coffee, I got to run through some of the great moments that happened the day before, to remember why we didn't get that second cup.

The mad dash to iron my husbands shirt as he comes home to change to his civilian clothes unaware that I am smiling because I am ironing a shirt for him (how domestic of me), our oldest son decided to make breakfast for everyone for Gabe's birthday, the amazing birthday dinner we took our middle son to for his big 6th birthday, and the way he and I have an amazing comfortable marriage where he lets me binge watch the shows I want and he is content on the computer till he knows to come wake me and put me to bed.
The Best Part of Waking up is Memories in your cup... I really love that cup of coffee.

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